Man fined for taking paternity test, but shocking twist leaves ex-lover stunned

2023-11-20 06:45:20

A man took his family for a paternity test, but was fined by the hospital for “bringing strangers to disrupt the test results.” (Image/Pixabay)

He was fined for taking a DNA test, but it made the cuckold laugh. A man in Vietnam was recently told by his married ex-lover to give birth to a son for him. The man was worried that he had taken the two of them for a paternity test, but was later accused by the test center of “bringing strangers for testing” and “trying to disrupt the results of the test”. After receiving the fine, the man learned the truth and not only happily paid, but also drifted away alone, leaving behind his stunned ex-lover.

According to “docnhanh”, the man in his 50s developed a romantic relationship with the woman named Thao when he was on a business trip to Lang Son last year. However, after the man returned to Hanoi from work and Shao married another person, the two stopped contacting each other. Until the woman recently called the man to confirm her marriage.

Shao’s daughter said that she found out she was pregnant after the two broke up, but her husband did not allow her to raise other people’s children. She had to give the child to relatives to take care of, and then asked the man to “send money to support”. However, as soon as the man entered the house of Shao Nv’s relative, Shao Nv’s cousin hugged the baby tightly. This made the man feel sad and gave all the money he had to Shao Nv and promised to see the child later.

But on the way home, the man thought more and more something was wrong. A few days later, he went to Lang Son to investigate and learned that Shao Nu’s cousin who lived alone was mute. Although she had just given birth, she didn’t know who the biological father was. Then he was even more shocked to learn that Shao Nu’s family had It was announced to the public that she had given birth, but her husband prohibited anyone from visiting Shao Nu. These two subtle and seemingly related events finally made the man consider testing his DNA.

Shao’s daughter agreed to provide the sample under the man’s insistence that it was “just for reference and cannot be used to determine the relationship between mother and child.” As a result, the man was fined for “taking a stranger for a DNA test.” The identification report showed that Shao was not the mother and the man was not the father. After the man happily “spended money to ward off misfortunes,” he found out that the baby’s biological mother was Shao’s cousin. Although Shao was really pregnant, she had a miscarriage during a quarrel with her husband, so she conspired with her husband to defraud.

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