Mapuches block the entrance to oil dumps in Neuquén

The Mapuche communities are blocking the Income in the different providers of Vaca Muerta, denouncing the large amount of oil waste that accumulates in the place. They demand that the results of the survey be delivered to unlock the blockade.

Lorena Maripe is the Werken of the Campo Maripe community, who spoke in Quién dijo Verano, the program of BLACK RIVER RADIO. He explained that they decided to make his voice heard through a statement “Since we feel the government’s groping towards the authorities of the communities that inhabit Vaca Muerta”

He explained that they have been denouncing for several months the pollution from oil waste in the areabut that “even so we see that there are no answers to our claims” The blockade that they carry out is on the income to Indarsa, Treater, Comarsa, SAN and Ecopolo.

“It is sad to see how they are polluting and damaging our lives. We see that the government looks the other way because the people responsible for controlling this are absent today.” He explained that these spaces are collapsed and that the trucks continue to enter with garbage from the oil wells, without treating what is already there.

They also demand that the results of the technical folders of the territorial survey that they carried out some time ago be delivered to them. They indicated that until they obtain this they will continue with the blockades peaceful who carry on in the entry of these places.

Maripe explained that for the moment they let out the operators who are in place, but they do not let new ones or trucks enter. “There are several communities distributed in other providers” assured the Werken. “That they deliver the results of the surveys and that the contamination of the providers be controlled in a timely manner”

Listen to the Werken of the Campo Maripe community, Lorena Maripe, in “Who said summer”, by RÍO NEGRO RADIO.

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