The Health magazine of March 2023 is out!

How to boost your immune defenses?

Since the fall, we have faced a triple epidemic of Covid, flu and bronchiolitis, putting a strain on our immune system. Winter is not over. The cold and promiscuity in confined spaces favor virus attacks. How can we resist it and best strengthen our natural defences?

Find all the advice from our specialists to boost your immune system in our special file, page 20.

How to reconcile with your belly?

The belly is the part of the body that undergoes the most transformations, as a result of lifestyle and hormonal changes. Here are our experts’ tailor-made advice for making peace with this complex and intimate area. The advice of Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet, doctor and yoga teacher; Dr. Pierre Nys, nutritionist and endocrinologist; by Jocelyne Rolland, physiotherapist and Dr Jean-Christophe Seznec, psychiatrist to reconcile with his belly, page 64.

Prix ​​Santé Magazine Beauté Santé 2023: what are the most effective cosmetics?

Taking care of your skin has become essential for your well-being. Laboratories and cosmetic brands have understood this well. Many of them are offering new beauty products with effective formulas while being clean, with as few controversial ingredients as possible and less impact on the environment. This year, a new “Revelations” category rewards young brands with less than 5 years of existence. Discover our prize list which reflects your desires, the beauty of today and tomorrow, page 86.

This is the raison d’être of the Santé Magazine Beauté Santé Prize: to reward the best cosmetics, that is to say those which are at the same time safe, effective, innovative and ethical. Today, cosmetics must not only beautify, they must meet many other consumer demands: being eco-responsible, respectful of animal welfare, reconciling beauty and health… explains Aline Perraudin, director of writing.

And also in summary…

  • The cholesterol-lowering solutions under the magnifying glasspage 32 ;
  • Sciatica, what can be done? page 38;
  • House, apartment… the ideal temperature for health, page 46;
  • Test: transient or chronic fatigue? page 50;
  • Sleep, should we try the red light? page 60;
  • Food and cancer : what to eat to reduce the risks? page 74;
  • Our anti-nibbling recipes, page 80;
  • Led home appliances, really effective? page 96;
  • Is there a chronosexuality ? page 112 ;
  • What to do in case of aches? page 118.

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