Marek Lambora and Andrea Bezděková about their love: “We are happy!”

It has been speculated for several months that Marek Lambora and Andrea Bezděková are a couple. A few days ago, the paparazzi journalists managed to take the first joint photos of the couple, so the actor from Slunečná had to go out with the truth. Lambora wrote the first statement on his relationship with the model on his Instagram and confessed his feelings in it.

Sparrows on the roof have been chirping for several months about the fact that Marek Lambora and Andrea Bezděková are close to each other. Fans of the model already noticed in the summer that stories from the same places with Lambora were posted, but then Bezděková denied her relationship.

“During the quarantine, a lot of people visited the same places, I don’t see anything strange about it, we certainly don’t see each other,” said the charming Miss.

However, when the paparazzi managed to catch Lambor and Bezděková on a love walk a few days ago, the journalists had to come out with the truth. The popular actor from Slunečná finally confirmed his love and gave his followers the first photo together with a beautiful model.

Marek Lambora confirmed what everyone already knew

“Because this is someone close and dear to me, I would like to comment with this photo on today’s article, which published an unnamed slice. In my opinion, privacy is one of the most important things we all have, so I think it is important to protect it and And so it is with love. She should be pampered, reciprocated, received, but most importantly protected. That’s why Andrea and I wanted to indulge in this little secret in the form of privacy so that only the two of us could have ourselves. about the fact that we would like to tell the world and rejoice in public, so I’m sorry that the privilege of saying this was taken first by “Mr. Photographer”, Marek Lambora wrote on his Instagram.

The actor was said to be in shock, neither he nor his new girlfriend had any idea that someone had been chasing them for more than three hours!

Lambora and Bezděková had no idea about the photographer behind them

“The person in question watched us for a walk for two hours and I will tell you that it was not entirely pleasant to find out that someone has been on your heels for such a long time and you do not know about it,” Marek Lambora complained.

In the second part of his statement, the actor expressed his love feelings. “Anyway, I would like to say that we are HAPPY! Thank you very much for the nice and wishful news that came to me, I am very happy with them,” the star Sunny.

“In the end, we probably enjoy this place, because that’s exactly how we clicked even without snow. Mr. photographer… Thank you for the photo at the sorted waste, because we don’t have one yet,” Lambora added ironically. All that remains is to wish the couple good luck in the future.


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