Marion Reimers compares the duel between Erling Haaland and Antonio Rüdiger with that of Godzilla vs. kong

Marion Reimers, commentator for TNT Sports México, became a trend on social networks due to a somewhat unfortunate comment he made during the broadcast of the match between the Real Madrid and Manchester Cityfrom the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

During the second half, the journalist highlighted the duel they had Erling Haaland, from City, and Antonio Rüdiger, from Madrid, to the extent that he compared this fight to the one carried out by the kaijus Godzilla y King Kong.

“Here’s a battle between Godzilla and Kong, right?”were the words of the Mexican although it must be noted that when Rüdiger appeared in the picture she indicated that it was the Japanese kaiju, while when Haaland was focused on by the cameras, he noted that it was Kong.

However, despite the commentator’s precision, this did not prevent both her and “Kong” became trends on Twitter, in addition to several users indicating that Reimers made a racist comment.

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2024-04-13 02:15:36

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