Marisela exposes intimacies of “El Buki” and calls his wife Cristian Solís “toxic” | VIDEO

Singer Marisela She is considered one of the best interpreters in Spanish. “The woman of iron” broke into the music scene in Mexico thanks to the compositions of Marco Antonio Solís “The Buki”with whom he had a relationship when he was just 15 years old.

“The ideal couple”released in 19884 alongside Marco Antonio Solislaunched to fame Marisela in Mexico. With “The Buki” They offered concerts on various stages and musical programs, which also consolidated them as the couple of the moment. However, no one imagined the drama behind the “perfect romance”.

Marco Antonio Solis He was married to the ranchera music singer Beatriz Adriana, with whom he had a daughter; but after a marriage described as stormy by the interpreter herself, the couple divorced and “El Buki” returned with Marisela between rumors of infidelity.

After starring in this love triangle, Marisela and Beatriz Adriana sustained a media war for several years, in which they accused each other of “having stolen the love” of Marco Antonio Solis. Although “The Buki” He has always maintained a clean image and speaks little about his personal life, the truth is that the women in his life described him as a womanizer and a heartbreaker.

After ending his intense relationship with Marisela, Marco Antonio Solis met the one who is now his wife, Christian Solis, during the recording of a music video in New York. The crush was instant and the couple married in 1993. They currently have two daughters: Marla and Alison. “El Buki” and Cristian Solis They currently form one of the longest-lasting marriages in the artistic environment.

Marisela makes strong revelations in Ventaneando

During the broadcast this Thursday, February 10, Marisela was very happy that “The Bukis”the group led by Marco Antonio Solisreturn to give concerts in Mexico, and said she was willing to collaborate again with the singer, even if they “don’t let him” be her friend:

“Yes, there is friendship, but there is a toxic one that does not leave it. I do not know why if so many years have passed. They form a very beautiful relationship and are very beautiful, but who knows what will happen”

Marisela continued narrating intimate details of his love affair with Marco Antonio Solis “El Buki”with whom he started hanging out when he was 15:

“I learned many things from Marco Antonio Solís. To be more of a woman. Many delicious little things.”

Marisela concluded the interview with laughter, leaving the door open to sing again with Marco Antonio Solis, although it is not the first time he has said it publicly. Already several years ago, she stated that she wants to collaborate with “The Buki” and even sent a message to his wife Cristian “to give you permission” to work with her.

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