Formula 1 | Before its shakedown, Aston Martin was not afraid to show its real F1

Aston Martin presented its real Formula 1 2022 car yesterday because it will test it on the track today, at Silverstone, during a promotional shoot with its two drivers, limited to 100 kilometers.

For the English team, there was therefore no reason to present a model of the AMR22. The car was ready and its shakedown will be able to take place.

Technical Director Andy Green said to himself “really proud” that his team is about to be the first to drive a 2022 F1 on track.

“Really what we wanted to do was a shakedown as soon as possible to check the car’s systems and give us some time between the shakedown and the Barcelona test.”

“So that was the reason for this test to be done, so we will have time to react. Hopefully we have a good shakedown tomorrow and there is no reaction to be had.”

“But because the car is absolutely new, without any carryover from the old one, the pre-season testing is really short, and the second test is so close to the first race that it will be almost impossible to react, we thought it was good to do a shakedown before the first test.”

“We give ourselves a gap between the shakedown and the first test to react.”

When asked why his team avoided a more secretive approach during their presentation, Green replies, “Because we’re on an honest team – we’re not trying to fool people with mockups or 3D renders. !”

“We had a car available. We didn’t want to just do a livery launch. We went beyond livery launches this year. We wanted to do the real show.”

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By becoming the first team to show off its real single-seater, Aston Martin has revealed the major structural choices it has made, such as the design of its sidepods.

“We will see different approaches initially. I think there are a lot of different ways to approach the problem with the 2022 regulations. And I think at the beginning you will see some variations, some similar. But I think that it won’t be long before we all fall into line, when it comes to the big visual aspects of the car.”

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