pCloud improves its offer with 75% off

For Valentine’s Day 2022, pCloud’s lifetime subscription has a special offer. Rather than paying 500 euros normally, the price for the 500G storage service drops to 122.5 euros. Hurry, this promotion only lasts from February 11 to 15, 2022.

Online storage is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life. How to choose among the different photos or videos to delete on your smartphone to save some space? In a bid to remedy this problem, most internet users resort to cloud storage services.

What is cloud storage?

the cloud storage is a way for businesses and consumers to store data securely online. Including games, movies and photos without their quality suffering. This way, they can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and easily shared with authorized users. Online storage also allows data to be backed up for easy offsite retrieval.

Today, individuals have the choice between several services. Each of them offers upgraded subscription plans that provide greater capabilities and additional services. This is why, for years, pCloud attracts more and more users and it will continue with its 2022 Valentine’s Day promotional offer.

pCloud offers high quality services

Those who haven’t yet used pCloud’s service wonder how it differs from other solutions. In fact, with this provider data storage becomes simpler and safer.


To begin with, it allows automatically sync data on all devices. In fact, once the documents are uploaded to pCloud, they can be retrieved easily, no matter where the user is.

Additionally, pCloud allow sharing games, movies, series, photos by simply providing download links. This function is ideal for collaboration. Because of this, even those without pCloud can access the files.

Also note that documents saved in pCloud are protected by TLS/SSL encryption. The icing on the cake, pCloud saves all data in at least 3 servers. The latter are located in several data centers, which makes it possible, even in the event of a crash, not to lose them.

Savings of 377 euros with the pCloud 2022 Valentine’s Day offer

Did this brief description of pCloud appeal to you? In this case, you will be happy to be able to take advantage of its new promotion for Valentine’s Day. Indeed, pCloud reserves for all its new customers a exceptional price reduction of 75% on its 500 GB premium plan.

This “lifetime” offer allows you to freely dispose of storage space without any time constraints. As soon as the payment has been made, the storage is available for life. It should be noted that this deal has a limited duration so do not delay in registering.

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