Materias shifts into fourth gear and closes the financial statements with revenues growing by 70%

Materias, the company founded by Luigi Nicolais to assist startups, is growing and achieving new successes. First of all, the 2023 budget, approved in Turin, in the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper, records a 70% increase in revenues in one year, while profit before taxes reaches 1.2 million euros. The 2022 budget was the first to break even.

Optimistic forecasts exceeded

In 2023 revenues will therefore reach 3.5 million, against a forecast of 2.6. Results achieved above all by providing advanced services to consultancy and advisory companies or through the transfer of advanced technologies with licenses. We cannot yet talk except in part about the revenues produced by the startups that Materias has created and which it accompanies until the so-called “Valley of Death” is overcome, i.e. the initial phase in which there is usually a high mortality of startups.

In short, Materias, the venture builder based in the technological hub of San Giovanni a Teduccio (Naples), eight years after its birth, has reached a turning point. As demonstrated by the numbers in the budget that was presented to the members the other day. Present were Sergio Dompé, president of Dompé Holdings; Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, president of Intesa Sanpaolo; Flavio Gianetti, head of the Chief Equity, Legal and M&A Officer governance area; Federico Mautone, CEO of IBSA Farmaceutici Italia; Fabio Vaccarono, CEO of Multiversity; Salvatore Cincotti, partner of Mpa Development Limited.

Nicolais: we had identified the right mission

«The flattering results that we can appreciate with the approval of the budget – says Nicolais – are the sign that we saw clearly when we identified the mission of Materias. The richness and quality of the research held in Italian universities and the skill of our innovators did the rest. We are very proud of our people and our ideas which have proven, also in light of recent American studies, to be up to a challenge that we have been able to fully grasp.”

Nicolais also recalls that «science-based innovation requires long times and patient capital and originates in universities and research organizations. The physical products it develops require complex industrialization processes and a challenging regulatory framework. However, this type of innovation creates a technological and knowledge barrier that hinders the entry of potential competitors and generates spillovers of knowledge and technology.”

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