Medical Negligence in Beirut Hospital: A Call for Accountability and Legal Action

2023-08-30 07:26:00

Since the 28th of last March, Dr. Olivet Mahmoud (63 years old) has entered to remove a benign tumor in the brain, but she came out with great damage, and she did not fully wake up from her coma. 4 months, and the mother of the writer, Shaker Khazal, is still the same, she can only open her eyes without any other movement.

Her son knows that a mistake is possible, but evading responsibility is what prompted him to raise his voice loudly and shed light on what is happening in the corridors of the hospital. Olfat has been battling medical complications since the first day of the operation, according to Khazal. “We were not aware of the risks of the operation, and the doctor did not inform us of what we might face as a result of this surgery.”

Nevertheless, we accepted the fait accompli, waiting for it to return to the way it was, and “an ordeal and we will cut it off.” But the hospital’s negligence of my mother’s condition, and its attempt to evade her responsibility, and her condition deteriorated in this way, made me take a decisive decision to file a lawsuit against the hospital, for the sake of my mother and all patients who might face the same fate.

Shaker Khazal’s mother.

Khazal cites a similar incident involving a 28-year-old woman, who underwent the same operation, with the same doctor, and died, without anyone talking about her. According to the doctor’s description, “this operation is similar to an appendix operation,” that is, it is considered easy and not harmful or dangerous, but the reality was completely different. It may be an exceptional or individual incident, and one should not generalize, just as a doctor’s mistake does not mean that all doctors make mistakes. As a result, Khazal will share his personal experience, in addition to being in the process of preparing all the medical files and presenting them to the Minister of Health, Firas Al-Abyad, after meeting with him.

Olfat remained unchanged without improvement, and after the surgery she was quickly admitted to intensive care. Her condition was unstable. A month later, Khazal received a call that changed all standards. The mother was infected with a bacterium, which was transmitted to her inside the hospital, usually as a result of a lack of hygiene, so she was admitted to the care unit again.

Khazal recounts, “On April 27, I had to deal with a new medical emergency, when one of the nurses in the hospital informed me that we were not taking the necessary measures in the matter of hygiene, and this is what caused your mother to pick up these bacteria. The hospital did not tell me how to deal with these bacteria. This led to the infection being transmitted to her.”

That’s not all, as the nurse revealed, according to Khazal’s account, that “the urinary catheter had not been changed for more than a month. He admitted that the nursing team neglected hospital care.”
Khazal continues: “As a result of what I heard, I requested an appointment from the administration after I explained the situation and the responsibility entrusted to the hospital, only to discover that the hospital was trying to evade its responsibility. I received an audio recording that reveals the way of thinking and saying in one letter, “We have the powers to choose, and we as a hospital, if they make a mistake, they will also Let’s hide our mistake in some way.

Khazal decided to take his mother out, and the hospital offered to deduct a value from the hospital bill, but Khazal refused, because the mistake that took place took the life of his struggling mother, after her life was raging and studying at the Arab League. From a doctor at the university to a patient who can only open her eyes. “My mother’s life has been turned upside down,” according to her son’s description.

As a result, Khazal met with the Minister of Health, and he is in the process of preparing the medical file to open a medical investigation into what really happened in a hospital in Beirut.

Today, Khazal’s mother’s case is in the custody of the Minister of Health, and what is happening inside hospitals requires a quick and necessary move to avoid repeating this tragedy with another family.

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