Meera Jasmine on the advice given by Lohitadas at first you drink alcohol like a term pass

Meera Jasmine is the heroine gifted to Malayalam cinema by Lohitadas. Meera opens up about the advice her beloved guru Lohitadas once gave her.

In the words of the star,

‘I will proudly say that Lohi uncle is my godfather. It was God’s good destiny for me to come to cinema through him. He was a good person. Everyone would say, ‘Great Godfather, whatever you say, Uncle Lohi’

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‘Yes, no matter what you say, you will say Lohi uncle. I still say the same thing today. If something good happens to me, I will remember him. Many people used to joke that there is such a teacher and disciple. Yes, there is a Guru and a disciple.

“Girls who come to the cinema are at risk. I have been in many situations. Uncle gave me strength there. My uncle has told me that he will get fame soon by appearing in films. You will act in many languages. Will act with big men’

‘Sometimes they offer you all the drinks. You should never be addicted to alcohol or anything like that. First you will drink alcohol like a term pass. The company will give if they are not big people.’

‘But tomorrow, when it’s your week, you’re going to rely on alcohol. There are many actresses who lost their lives. As far as I am concerned, the person who said this is God.’

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