Meet the MILLIONAIRE apartment in Miami that Daddy Yankee PAID to Chyno Miranda

For a few months, the situation for which he has been living has been made known Chyno Miranda, where the latest updates indicate that the Venezuelan artist is hospitalized in a private clinic for his physical and emotional recovery. Recently, it was revealed that the singer was receiving help from some colleagues, one of them is Daddy Yankee who is known paid and millionaire Department where Chyno lived in Miami.

According to information shared by his assistant, Alexandra Jiménez, the situation he was going through Chyno Miranda it began to become a bit complicated both economically and emotionally, which is why her family and friends began to show her great help and support to be able to get ahead. One of these friends was Daddy Yankeethe Puerto Rican artist was in charge of being the one who paid the rent of the millionaire Department in which Chyno lived his rehabilitation in Miami.

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