Daddy Yankee shouts his love for his wife Mireddys González: “Thanks to that neighborhood that united us from poverty” | Instagram | nvb | int | Famous

Daddy Yankee moved his fans after posting a video in which he dedicates an emotional message to his wife Mireddys González. The urban artist recalled the beginnings of their relationship and the fundamental role that his partner played. “For you, my faithful companion, thank you for your love and understanding that covered all my faults. … Read more

Meet the MILLIONAIRE apartment in Miami that Daddy Yankee PAID to Chyno Miranda

For a few months, the situation for which he has been living has been made known Chyno Miranda, where the latest updates indicate that the Venezuelan artist is hospitalized in a private clinic for his physical and emotional recovery. Recently, it was revealed that the singer was receiving help from some colleagues, one of them … Read more

Daddy Yankee concerts in Puerto Rico are postponed: “We have no other option”

Less than a month and a half away from their presentations at the Hiram Bithorn Stadiumthe postponement of the concerts of Daddy Yankee on January 6, 7 and 8 due to “logistical setbacks and careful production details.” In a message posted on social networks by Pina Records, the production detailed the reasons why it had … Read more

Chyno Miranda | This was the apartment in Miami that Daddy Yankee paid for Chyno Miranda | FAME

The situation of Chyno Miranda It has gone viral on different communication channels and has generated concern in his followers and family. The Venezuelan singer is hospitalized in the private clinic “El Cedral”, after being removed from the “Tía Panchita” Rehabilitation Center, in Venezuela, where he was in “precarious conditions”as reported by the interpreter’s girlfriend, … Read more

the actress was the protagonist during Daddy Yankee’s concert

After Lina Tejeiro passed through England, due to labor issues, and after the date of his birthday, which did not have a celebration as usual, this time, he did throw the party. It was on the night of last Wednesday, October 12, enjoying the concert Daddy Yankee. The presence of the plainswoman did not go … Read more

Delegate acknowledges that producer warned about possible incidents at Daddy Yankee recitals | National

The Presidential Delegate of the Metropolitan Region, Constanza Martínez, recognized that the producer Bizarro warned about possible “blowouts” that could occur at the Daddy Yankee concert. The delegate of the Metropolitan regionConstanza Martínez, maintained that after being informed by Bizarro of possible “avalanches” at Daddy Yankee’s concerts, Carabineros decided to increase the police force, and … Read more