Delegate acknowledges that producer warned about possible incidents at Daddy Yankee recitals | National

The Presidential Delegate of the Metropolitan Region, Constanza Martínez, recognized that the producer Bizarro warned regarding possible “blowouts” that might occur at the Daddy Yankee concert.

The delegate of the Metropolitan regionConstanza Martínez, maintained that following being informed by Bizarro of possible “avalanches” at Daddy Yankee’s concerts, Carabineros decided to increase the police force, and pointed to the breaches of the organizer, with the lack of private security and the delay in opening doors.

Yesterday, in conversation with La Tercera, the owner of the production company Bizarro, Alfredo Alonso, assured that “days before” he warned regarding possible excesses that might be recorded in the preview of the show, especially due to the coordination that was being carried out in WhatsApp groups , to try to violate security.

Martínez acknowledged having received that letter, but on Monday, September 26, and following having made an inspection at the National Stadiumthat is, only 24 hours before Daddy Yankee’s first concert.

In that sense, before the Citizen Security Commission of the Chamber, he maintained that the communication was sent to Carabineros, who decided to increase the police force, for which 350 officers showed up on day 1 of the concert.

Likewise, he said that there were breaches by the organizing company, such as the delay in opening the doors, revealing -in addition- that there were minutes, especially in the midst of the disorders, where the security personnel did not appear.

The deputy of the UDI, Jorge Alessandri, indicated that the State cannot ignore this type of event, especially due to the number of attendees that they summon and that must be protected on public roads.

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In this line, Martínez expressed the importance of advancing in a law that regulates private security, and another that gives greater powers around the realization of massive events, since they are currently governed through an administrative document of 2015, which is circular 28.

The legislator of the Communist Party, Alejandra Placencia, presented a bill that aims to address this last point. The initiative seeks to demand that the Executive, within a year, prepare a regulation for the authorization of massive events at the national level with new requirements in terms of security, a figure that does not currently exist.

The text also seeks that the production companies are responsible for security both in the entrance and in the permanence of the spectators in the venues.

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