Chyno Miranda: what happened to the money collected in concert according to Marko Música | FAME

The state of health of Chyno Miranda It continues to worry and generate a lot of interest among its fans. Since the venezuelan singer he was infected with COVID-19 in 2020 his situation has been difficult, not only because of the consequences that he had after the disease, but also because of all the controversy … Read more

Meet the MILLIONAIRE apartment in Miami that Daddy Yankee PAID to Chyno Miranda

For a few months, the situation for which he has been living has been made known Chyno Miranda, where the latest updates indicate that the Venezuelan artist is hospitalized in a private clinic for his physical and emotional recovery. Recently, it was revealed that the singer was receiving help from some colleagues, one of them … Read more

Chyno Miranda: his mother’s new complaint against the clinic where he is hospitalized | Celeb from Venezuela | nndaml | FAME

the health of Chyno Miranda It is still a delicate subject and all the controversy that has been generated around it has caused tremendous uncertainty among his fans, who have been finding out through the media about the discrepancies and accusations between his mother and the artist’s girlfriend. . During the last months that has … Read more

The reason Chyno Miranda failed to marry his girlfriend Astrid | SHOWS

A new controversy has Chyno Miranda in the center of media attention. This time, it was learned that the Venezuelan singer could not marry his girlfriend Astrid Falcón, who managed to get him out of the “Tía Panchita” rehabilitation center and transfer him to the “El Cedral” clinic. Since the interpreter of “Niña Bonita” He … Read more

Chyno Miranda’s mother asks Nicolás Maduro to help her get her son back

Perez Ochoa, who He assured that his son was addicted to drugs and that his girlfriend was the one who got them for himwrote a letter with which you want your child to return home and continue his recovery there. Miranda spent several months in the supposed rehabilitation center Tía Panchita, which worked irregularly, for … Read more

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The situation of Chyno Miranda It has gone viral on different communication channels and has generated concern in his followers and family. The Venezuelan singer is hospitalized in the private clinic “El Cedral”, after being removed from the “Tía Panchita” Rehabilitation Center, in Venezuela, where he was in “precarious conditions”as reported by the interpreter’s girlfriend, … Read more