Meeting of senior midwives in the pharmaceutical industry

Paljinhoe, a representative meeting of seniors in the pharmaceutical industry, has concluded their 48-year partnership.

Paljinhoe is a friendly gathering established in 1975 by eight owners and managers of major domestic pharmaceutical companies with the intention of ‘let’s move forward together as eight people’.

The Paljinhoe, a meeting of elders in the pharmaceutical industry, concluded the 48-year-old meeting on the 9th and deposited the remaining dues to the Korea Pharmaceutical Bio Association. From left, Ildong Pharmaceutical Chairman Yoon Won-young, Boryeong Chairman Kim Seung-ho, Korea Pharmaceutical Bio Association Chairman Won Hee-mok, and JW Pharmaceutical Honorary Chairman Lee Jong-ho.

Shin-ho Kang, chairman of Dong-A Socio Holdings, Seung-ho Kim, chairman of Boryung, Jong-ho Lee, honorary chairman of JW Pharmaceutical, Won-young Yoon, chairman of Ildong Pharmaceutical, Young-shik Yoo, former chairman of Dongshin Pharmaceutical, and now deceased Young-hwan Yoon, chairman of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Jun-seon Eo, chairman of Anguk Pharmaceutical, and Eok Heo, chairman of Sam-a Pharmaceutical are in high spirits. conjoined and formed

1975, when Paljinhoe was launched, was a time when the challenge and growth of the pharmaceutical industry stood out despite the triple setbacks, such as the slowdown in growth caused by the oil crisis, high prices, and deterioration in the international balance of payments. The pharmaceutical industry showed a high average annual growth rate of 34.7% from 1971 to 1975, and such rapid growth was the product of sound management and product development competition by major pharmaceutical companies, including Dong-A Pharmaceutical.

Since then, it has been evaluated that it has led the growth of the industry by actively engaging in aggressive R&D and overseas market development under the leadership of the first-generation owners of pharmaceutical companies participating in Paljinhoe.

The Paljinhoe held their last meeting on the 9th at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, wrapping up their 48-year-old activities.

Presidents Kim Seung-ho, Yoon Won-young, and honorary chairman Lee Jong-ho had a luncheon with Won Hee-mok, chairman of the Korea Pharmaceutical Bio Association, and donated the remaining dues to the association to use for the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

During the 48-year history of Paljinhoe, Chairman Kang Shin-ho, Kim Seong-ho, and Lee Jong-ho served as presidents of the Korea Pharmaceutical Association one after another, devoting themselves to the development of the industry. However, as the members, who were in their 30s and 40s at the time of formation, have aged with the passage of time, members have passed away or ceased activities due to health problems, and the meeting was eventually ended.

Chairman Kim Seung-ho of Boryeong, who became the last secretary of Paljinhoe, said, “It has been 48 years since Paljinhoe ran for the pharmaceutical industry.” “he said.

In response, Chairman Won Hee-mok said, “The history and living witness of the Korean pharmaceutical industry, the footsteps of Paljinhoe and their affection for the industry, were a great resonance and stimulus to the juniors in the pharmaceutical industry.” We will do our best for you,” he said.

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