Melissa Klug sends a strong hint to Jefferson Farfán: “If you weren’t a great husband, at least be a good father” Cuto Farándula’s faith | SHOWS

Melissa Klug was one of the special guests on the anniversary program of ‘La Fe de Cuto’ and he was encouraged to tell a little more about his romance with Jesús Barco, whom he describes as a mature and homely person.

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Cuto Guadalupe noted that Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco have a beautiful relationship in which they have been able to connect despite the age difference.

“He is a super homely person, he is very calm, he is homely and really that is what I really needed, that is, we have complemented each other so much that we get along super well, that is, his friends are my friends, my friends are his friends, with the family is always together”Said Melissa Klug in ‘Cuto’s Faith’.

On the other hand, Blanca de Chucuito indicated that she knows men in their fifties who are behaving like teenagers.. “They are with family, they are with children and they want to do immature things”, indicó Melissa Klug.


Finally, Cuto Guadalupe acknowledged that he has not been an angel and that he has enjoyed life, but that he is already in another stage. Given this, Melissa Klug sent a strong hint that many interpreted would be for Jefferson Farfán.

“The family, it is your children who are the only ones who are going to watch over you when you are old and you are, God forbid, in a wheelchair or bedridden, it is the children who are going to accompany you. Since you were not a great husband or a good husband, at least be a good father so that they will remain in their memory, in his memory with those beautiful memories and be with gratitude that they do it with affection and much love to be taking care of his father “he pointed out.


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