Mental health and high blood pressure… Causes and ways to avoid

Have you ever noticed that your breathing rate increases when you feel anxious or stressed? yes! This is due to high blood pressure caused by mental health problems.

Not all people experience major mental health problems due to general anxiety and stress, but sometimes constant stress can lead to such conditions.

Short-term rise in blood pressure levels can be controlled, but if it occurs regularly, it can cause high blood pressure and related problems.

In order to shed more light on this matter, its causes and ways to avoid it, the specialized medical website “onlymyhealth” published a report explaining the role of mental health issues on stress and how people can be affected by it.

Stressful situations can occur due to work pressure, personal problems and various conditions that can affect psychological well-being, says Dr. Trishna Chaturvedi, a cardiologist at Ivory Hospital. Stress can also cause high blood pressure in the long run. Therefore, the relationship between mental health conditions and lowering blood pressure must be known.

According to Chaturvedi, one way to reduce your stress is to exercise. High blood pressure can be caused by increased stress levels. So you have to understand that to improve your health you need to have a stable mind. Once you sort things out in your personal and work life, stress as well as blood pressure can be managed.

As humans, the outside body produces a number of hormones that can affect you in a stressful environment. These hormones are responsible for increasing blood pressure, which leads to a faster heartbeat. It also narrows the blood vessels in this case, which may be dangerous to health.

In this context, the specialist says there is no evidence that stress can be a major cause of extensive cases of high blood pressure. However, many doctors note that stress can interact with your body in unhealthy ways.

Here are some of the reasons why blood pressure increases during times of stress:

* smoking

* Drink a lot of alcohol

* Eating unhealthy foods

The stress of high blood pressure can also lead to a number of mental health problems. This may include anxiety, depression, and isolation from friends. It is true that there was no evidence that could point to this but many people suffer from such conditions.

The effect of mental health on high blood pressure:

Mental health can actually disrupt the entire body’s functions and processes in a way that makes recovery difficult; Health problems may not directly cause it, but it can lead to the following high blood pressure problems:

* Damage to blood vessels

* heart problems

* Kidney problems

* Long-term high blood pressure

How do we prevent mental health problems causing high blood pressure?

Reducing your stress levels can have a negative impact on your health. Here are some tips that can help reduce mental health disorders:

1. You don’t need to rush every time. Plan your things in such a way that you have enough time to finish your tasks and get to places on time.

2. Breathe and relax now and then. You need to take a break from your work and calm your mind.

3. Always try to involve yourself in some kind of physical exercise or work that will take your mind off stress.

4. Get enough sleep; Not too much but a good amount. You must complete at least 7 hours of sleep per day.

5. Try to do yoga regularly for a short period of time; Even if for 15-20 minutes; It may be useful.

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