Mexico receives more than 16,000 Venezuelans expelled from the US in 4 months


Caracas.- A report prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) of Mexico pointed out some aspects regarding the situation of migrants who arrive in the country to try to achieve the American dream or who are expelled under the Title 42. The document states that in 4 months, Mexico has received more than 16,000 expelled Venezuelans from United States.

The document titled United States Unilateral Measures Regarding the Implementation of Section 265 of Title 42 exposes that of October 2022 to January 25, 2023, Mexico has received a total of 16,268 Venezuelans who were removed under Title 42, a measure that allows for the immediate removal of irregular migrants without giving them the opportunity to claim asylum.

The United States plans to end Title 42 in May

According to the document, which was sent to the Mexican Foreign Ministry and to which the outlet had access The countrythe United States program that grants a humanitarian parole to people from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti It has managed to reduce the arrival of Cubans to Mexico by 97.5% and that of Haitians is almost 0%.

The data presented in the report affirm that thanks to the United States program, the entry into the country of 26,000 Venezuelans, 4,800 Cubans, 2,000 Haitians and 800 Nicaraguans. The humanitarian parole is granted to those who meet a series of requirements, including not having crossed the borders of Panama, Mexico and the United States irregularly, and having a sponsor in the English-speaking country.

However, the report does not provide figures on migrants who remain in Mexican territory after not having found a way to continue their journey to the United States. However, it is known that the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Comar) registered more than 12,800 asylum applications at the end of January 2023while in the same period but in the previous year there were only 5,800.

“Migrants see our asylum system as a springboard, to save up and apply for these special visas (offered by the US). We have to watch out to protect people, but also the asylum system itself, so as not to become a kind of travel agency. We are on the brink of collapse,” he warned. Andre Ramirezdirector of the Comar a The country.

Migration of Venezuelans: this is the panorama of the first month of 2023

Previously it was said that Mexico would receive 30,000 Venezuelans a month; however, said information was denied through the report, which indicates that the country agrees to accommodate 4,000 Venezuelans who have been expelled from the United States.

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