Michał Kołodziejczak intimidated a farmer from Podlasie? There is a notice to the prosecutor’s office

— Today I filed a report to the prosecutor’s office against Michał Kołodziejczak, who, in my opinion and the lawyers I work with, has violated at least two provisions: Art. 191 (intimidation) and art. 193 (intrusion onto property) of the Penal Code – said Sebastian Łukaszewicz at a press conference in front of the prosecutor’s office in Białystok.

The case concerns Julita Olszewska from Brańsk, who a few days ago posted a video online encouraging people to participate in agricultural protests. — On February 9, we will start a general strike of farmers in Poland. Listen, consumers, ordinary people, we are fighting for us, for you. We don’t want money from heaven. We want to produce, we want to make sure that what you buy in stores is mine or a friend’s, and not from a Ukrainian holding company, she said in the recording.

Continuation of the material below the video

The farmer also attacked the deputy minister of agriculture in the recording. – Mr. Kołodziejczak, on whose back did you get there? On whose back? And now you sit there and what do you do, idiot? she asked.

According to the farmer, a few hours after the material was published, strange people appeared on her property. – Two men came to me – I don’t know how quickly they found me, but apparently everyone can be found now – and told me that I should delete the video and not talk about Michał, because I don’t know him and I have no right – she described in the next video.

On Friday, Sebastian Łukaszewicz accused Michał Kołodziejczak from the parliamentary rostrum of threatening Julita Olszewska and of sending “goons” to her house. These words were said during the discussion devoted to farmers’ protests that took place across the country.

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