Milei, to the ‘cane’ with the goldsmith Pallarols: “If I win, I will ask that I not make my presidential attributes”

2023-09-02 13:32:59

Javier Miley came out to deny the sayings of Juan Carlos Ballrolls about what the presidential baton might look like if the candidate for Freedom Advances will win the elections 2023. The goldsmith commented that the economist had asked him “If I would make him a cane with a long hair.”

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At one of the dinners that he usually organizes in his workshop, Pallarols revealed the telephone conversation he had had with Milei some time ago and the curious request he made about the control rod containing a “lion’s mane”alluding to the animal with which the candidate identifies.

Since it has not yet been defined who will be the president of Argentina for the next four years, the goldsmith preferred not to comment on whether he would comply with this alleged request or not, indicating that he “preferred to respect the electoral process”, although he clarified that It would be a topic to discuss with who was elected.

However, the economist and candidate for La Libertad Avanza He quickly came out to deny that he had had that contact or callthrough their social media accounts: “TREMENDOUS LIAR”, was the expression in capital letters that the economist posted in his message, thus beginning with the reply to those statements that the renowned goldsmith had made.

“They don’t even know how to put together a lie. Being a fanatical billard player, I would never put on the winner’s outfit until the game is over… ”, Milei pointed out in reference to the repeated statements about his fanaticism towards the famous former technical director of the Argentine soccer team that was champion in Mexico in 1986.

Finally, annoyed by the situation, Milei pointed out that she wants nothing to do with Pallarolls: “FACING THIS LIE, in case of winning, I will explicitly ask that my attributes not be made by Pallarols.”

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The statements of Juan Carlos Pallarols

The words of Juan Carlos Pallarols about Milei do not end with the conversation he had about the presidential baton, but he mentioned an anecdote with him from two years ago. During that time, Carlos Maslatónwho is one of her clients, recommended: “Invite Milei to eat so she tells you what she is doing.”

Said and done, the goldsmith communicated with him and consulted him about hold a meeting, to which the current candidate said “yes, but talk to my sister and make arrangements with her.” When calling her to define the details of the dinner, the response of Karina Milei surprised Pallarols and annulled the invitation: “Okay, but I’m going to give you a little number so you can deposit me two thousand dollars”.

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In turn, when asked if he had ever refused to make a presidential baton, the renowned goldsmith commented: “No, I respect the will of the people”. In addition, he maintained that since the arrival of Raúl Alfonsín to power in 1983, he has made the rod of command to all the presidents who have been up to now.

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