“Ministry of Interior’s Statement on Execution of Death Penalty in Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region”

2023-05-31 10:38:14

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement regarding the implementation of the death penalty for one of the offenders in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, as follows:

God Almighty said, “The recompense of those who wage war against God and His Messenger, and strive to spread corruption in the land, is only that they be killed, or crucified, or that their hands be cut off.” M and their feet from the strife or exile from the land that for them disgrace in this world and for them in the Hereafter a grievous chastisement.

Taha bin Muhammad Zakariya bin Arif Ali Mawlawi – a Saudi national – killed his ex-wife / Ilham bint Ahmed bin Muhammad al-Pakistani – a Saudi national – by luring her to his residence and then strangling her, which led to her death.

By the grace of God, the security authorities were able to arrest the aforementioned perpetrator, and the investigation with him resulted in him being accused of committing his crime, and by referring him to the competent court, a document was issued against him proving what was attributed to him, and because what he did was a matter of deception and predation, he was sentenced to death. For killing the victim, she was a victim, and the ruling was upheld by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, and a royal order was issued to enforce what was decided by law, and it was supported by his reference.

The death sentence was executed by the perpetrator / Taha bin Muhammad Zakaria bin Arif Ali Mawlawi – a Saudi national – on Wednesday, 11/11/1444 AH, corresponding to 5/31/2023 AD, in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.

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And the Ministry of the Interior, announcing this, confirms the keenness of the Kingdom’s government to establish security, achieve justice, and implement God’s rulings for anyone who transgresses the innocent or spills their blood, and at the same time warns everyone who tempts himself to do so that the Sharia punishment will be his fate.

God and the Pacific to either way.

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