Miracle in the Amazon: Children Rescued from Plane Crash Finally Leave Hospital

2023-07-15 18:14:00

Bogota: The four children who were rescued from the Amazon jungle after the Colombia plane crash left the hospital. The children left the hospital after 34 days of treatment.

Al Jazeera reported that the children aged between one and 13 left the hospital on Thursday night. The plane crashed into the forest on May 1. The children were found after a continuous search.

‘They regained their old weight. They are healthy now. Their second phase of care is starting,’ said Astrid Casers, director of the country’s child welfare agency.

She also said that the children will be under the custody of the child welfare agency considering the family situation. Casers added that their final custody matters will be decided within six months.

Leslie (13), Soleini (9), Teen Noriel (5) and Christine (1) have been trapped in the forest for forty days. But as their health deteriorated, they were all admitted to the hospital immediately after being rescued.

Family members said Leslie’s knowledge of the jungle helped the children survive.

The children were found in the forest five weeks after the accident. The soldiers found the children near the border in Colombia’s Caqueta-Guavier province, near where the accident happened.

The plane crashed while flying over Araraquara in the Amazon province and the San Jose del Guavier region in the Guavier province. The accident was due to an engine failure.

There were seven people in the plane, including the mother, her four children, the pilot and the co-pilot. The mother and the pilots were killed in the crash.

content highlights:  The four children who were rescued from the Amazon forest have left the hospital

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