Miraculous Conception: A Woman in Malaysia Pregnant after Dream, Is it a Sign of the End Times?

2023-10-06 08:42:34

A woman in Malaysia became pregnant and gave birth to a baby after being told in a dream. (Image/Pexels)

Can spirits also make people pregnant? A woman in Malaysia dreamed of being asked by a man to take care of a little boy. When she woke up, she found that she was “virginally pregnant” and gave birth to a child just 4 hours after conception. The bizarre experience triggered local discussions, and some people even thought it was a miracle. But some religious teachers warned that this was not a miracle but a terrifying omen.

According to Malaysia’s “China News”, religious teacher Arifi Ayub shared this ominous incident through a video, saying that the unmarried and virgin woman was sown after dreaming that a man asked her to take care of another little boy. Pregnancy from the “elf seed” of witchcraft.

What’s even more bizarre is that the embryo, which was only the size of an egg at the time, developed into a full-term fetus within 4 hours. The woman’s delivery was extremely smooth, with only a small amount of blood. However, Arifi Ayub warned that a hospital in Kuantan where he delivered the baby checked the baby boy’s blood and found that “the blood he bled was not human blood” and could not determine the baby boy’s blood type.

Arifi Ayub emphasized that similar incidents happened to the Virgin Mary and were considered to be the power of God, but in modern times, “this is not a miracle, but a sign of the end of the world.” It cannot be ruled out that it is God’s will to let this Babies are born whose DNA is not human.

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