Mistake with consequences: More Easter eggs than people on the island

Dan ap Dafydd lives on a Scottish island. The island where the man lives is quite small. Only 500 people live there. And those 500 people like to shop with Dan. Because he owns a small shop. As a shop owner, he wanted to prepare well for Easter. And what does that necessarily include? Chocolate eggs, of course! So he ordered chocolate Easter eggs for his shop.

With this order, Dan now became famous. Because something went wrong. He actually wanted to order 80 chocolate Easter eggs. Dan thought that was a lot that could certainly be sold. But when the order arrived, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

More Easter eggs than people

Instead of 80 chocolate eggs, 720 were delivered! Because Dan had made a mistake when ordering. Instead of 80 Easter eggs, he ordered 80 packs of Easter eggs. And in each of the packs there were nine chocolate eggs. So Dan now had more of them than there are people on his island.

Nobody wanted to take the Easter eggs from the other shops on the island either. Because the owners had all already shopped for Easter themselves. So Dan had an idea: He wanted to auction off some of the chocolate eggs.

For help in times of need

And with that he became quite famous. Many people read his story on the Internet and joined in. With this, Dan was able to collect a lot of money – and got rid of many of the eggs. But he didn’t just want to keep the money, he wanted to do something useful with it. That’s why he donated it to the British sea rescue service. This helps people who get into an emergency somewhere near the sea.

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