This is how Luzu TV returned to the air after the fire: the funny exchange between Nico Occhiato and Flor Jazmín Peña

This is how Luzu returned to the air following the fire

The clock read 9:23 on Wednesday when Luzu TV suddenly stopped broadcasting. The streaming channel had Diego Leuco and the team from Before anyone, when the production informed him that they had to evacuate the building due to the beginning of a fire.

Since then, the feed showed a fixed camera over the studio with the lights off and music playing. Yes, like the old FM but in times of streaming, while the firefighters, the police and the SAME worked on the scene. According to what Leuco himself told Teleshow, “an air conditioning unit in the parking lot caught fire, as it was just the floor below us, we were filled with smoke and they asked us to evacuate.” Fortunately, the evacuation protocol worked in the best way and there were no injuries.

At 11:07, Luzu TV was on the air once more, this time with Nobody says anything, the program hosted by Nico Occhiato, the owner of the business, along with his girlfriend Flor Jazmín Peña, Momi Giardina, Nacho Elizalde and Santi Talledo. “Good morning, good followingnoon, good night,” the driver joked, marking the pulse with which they were going to address the incident that worried everyone, and which luckily had become a fun anecdote to tell.

“I want to apologize to everyone, I joined Yoyi to clear out the building and maybe we forgot something,” said Flor, mentioning Yoyi Francella, a member of the previous program. “I arrived early and witnessed everything,” said Talledo, and his colleagues validated it. He was the first familiar face they saw when they arrived at the scene and his appearance was not the best.

They evacuated the Luzu building while Diego Leuco was on the air

The conversation revolved around how each of them had taken the news. “I went to have a coffee and made an appointment at the hairdresser for 11:30, I thought we were not going to do the program,” said Flor Jazmín with brutal honesty. Of course, at that time her boyfriend had other thoughts. “I was driving here and they told me that the studio caught fire. ‘What came into my head?’ I melted,” Occhiato revealed, marking a radically different position from that of his partner.

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“It came to me that it was the garage or a small fire in the fifth. I had the temperance and tranquility that I was going to be fine,” the dancer defended herself, emphasizing that her state of mind and her energy were key to keeping things from escalating. But for the driver it was not enough. “Do you understand that I thought she was melting me and she had a shift at the hairdresser?”

Diego Leuco’s word to Teleshow following the fire in Luzu

For her part, Momi Giardina was on a similar plan to her partner, assuming that the program was not going to air. And before, she revealed how she had spent the moment of the fire. “Something very random happened to me: she was coming down the stairs coughing and Andrea Taboada called me,” she said, to the surprise of her colleagues.

Indeed, the director of Teleshow contacted the dancer to see what had happened in the studio. Momi answered without realizing it and in the background she might be heard coughing. “André, sorry, I was going down the stairs and I can’t explain the smoke, I accidentally answered it,” she wrote to him when she had already evacuated the building and had regained some calm. And in the air of Luzu, she and her companions thanked him for his concern.

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