MK Party Calls for Resignation of IEC President Janet Love Over Alleged Partiality

2024-04-15 09:40:11

Parts “Mkhonto we Sizwe» (MK) of the former South African president, Jacob Zuma, called on Sunday for the immediate resignation of the president of the Electoral Commission (IEC), Janet Love, for his “partiality».

«Ms. Love is biased and cannot be trusted to oversee the upcoming national and provincial elections.said party spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela.

Earlier this month, Commissioner Love announced the IEC’s decision to disqualify Zuma from the May 29, 2024 general elections.

The MK party then turned to the electoral court, which overturned the IEC’s decision and essentially cleared the way for the former President to participate in the long-awaited elections.

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The spokesperson called for Ms Love to be removed from her role with immediate effect due to her “unprecedented decision» to publicly declare that Zuma was ineligible and could not be included in the MK party’s list of candidates for the upcoming elections.

«We were prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to Ms Love, who has been a loyal member of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and a close confidante of President Cyril Ramaphosa” said Mr Ndhlela.

He added that “the CEI’s appeal to the supreme court compromised electoral integrity and independence».

Although the electoral tribunal ordered Zuma to be included on the ballot paper after an intense day of debate between the IEC and the MK party, it has yet to make a full judgment on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission has appealed to the Constitutional Court to disqualify the ex-president, arguing that his decision to appeal to the country’s highest court had nothing to do with politics, but was aimed at obtaining clarification on the issue.

Former President Zuma (82 years old) created his own party MK in December 2023, due to his anger against the ANC of which he was a member for 60 years.

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