“Mobaderoon” volunteers in a joint workshop with senior citizens

Sharjah: «Gulf»

As part of the activities of the Youth Field Volunteer Program “Mubadiroon 5”, organized by the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, and targeting volunteers from the category of girls and young people between the ages of 13 and 17, the Al-Asala Club of the Department organized a workshop for 30 volunteers, in addition to a group of senior citizens from Al-Asala Club, and everyone participated in a sewing and sewing workshop.

Kholoud Abdullah Al Ali, Director of the Elderly Services Center, said that the aim of the workshop is for senior citizens to communicate with young people to benefit from their experiences and listen to their stories and stories from the past. She emphasized that senior citizens love activities that make them feel energetic and lively, and that they pass on their experiences to the younger generation; Therefore, we are keen to organize weekly events that include meetings and dialogues between the two generations.

She stated that the participants from the “Al-Asala Club” helped the girls learn the craft of knitting; It is considered one of the ancient professions after the museum staff refined this profession with mothers and ensured that they were able to pass on this profession to the volunteer girls.

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