More Rial: A Journey of Independence and Entrepreneurship

2023-06-30 00:30:00

A little less than a month ago, after his return to Argentina and having suffered a heart attack, Jorge Rial was put in the eye of the storm by his own daughter, More Rial, who started a media war on television for situations he experienced in his childhood. From all the sayings and accusations, it became known that he he cut off all economic groceries and is also furious with her.

But the young woman does not stop and bets for more. She has no problem breaking up with him and starting from scratch to earn a living on her own. For this, I would be thinking of selling Essen pots again, as it did in 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. But also, with the purpose of being an entrepreneur and not depending on anyone, He began to tell through his networks how he is living this moment and what he has in mind for his future.

Women bill Beb wrote his profile and drew attention because no one knew what he was up to. As it was known, in the last hours, the media also aired his cunning move to fill himself with money as soon as possible: she joined an agency influencers in the hope that various brands will call her to promote their products.

In his story, he shared the brand’s welcome and made a flyer with the arrival at the brand so that everyone know where you started working and where you belong.


The influencer dedicated romantic messages to him on social networks and spoke of the relationship that unites them today.

Thank you my love This is what I’ve been asking for since my teens. Somebody defend me. Make this HDP pay for what he did to me “she shared from her official account of Instagram

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