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Hurricane Fiona, which has become a powerful extratropical storm, has wreaked havoc in eastern Canada.

Darren Calabrese /The Canadian Press via AP

  • According to NBC, many people along Canada’s Atlantic coast have experienced power outages after Hurricane Fiona, which turned into a powerful extratropical storm.
  • In Port-au-Basque, 20 homes were destroyed and nearly 200 people were forced to evacuate, local media reported.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that he will send military units to the affected areas to help.

Hurricane Fiona, a powerful extratropical storm, hit Canada’s Atlantic coast, destroying homes and causing power outages for residents.NBCreported.

NBCCanadian officials say there have been reports of catastrophic damage since Fiona landed in Nova Scotia around 3 a.m. on Saturday.

State of damage

Vaughan Merchant /The Canadian Press via AP

State of damage

Rene Roy/Wreckhouse Press via AP

Officials said the area near Whitehead, Nova Scotia, recorded blazing winds of around 40 kilometers per hour.

“We are experiencing devastating damage,” Nova Scotia Prime Minister Tim Houston told NBC.

Prince Edward Island Prime Minister Dennis King told NBC it would take weeks to restore.

State of damage

Rosalyn Roy/Wreckhouse Press via The Canadian Press via AP

According to NBC, 470,000 homes in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland have all been without power.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would send military units to the affected areas to help, and said Fiona had had a “horrifying impact” on the community.

“We are seeing devastating images of Port-au-Basque,” Trudeau said, according to NBC, adding that “Prince Edward Island has suffered like nothing we’ve seen before.” So does Cape Breton Island and Quebec.”

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) said on September 24 that an emergency evacuation order had been issued for all areas east of the city hall in Port-au-Basque.was reporting

State of damage

Nigel Quinn /The Canadian Press via AP

“The damage is tremendous,” Mayor Brian Button told the CBC.

“If necessary, residents will be ordered to leave their homes. They will need to evacuate.”

Nearly 200 people have been forced to evacuate in Port-au-Basque, with 20 houses destroyed, according to the CBC.

According to NBC, Canada’s defense minister, Anand, said the troops deployed to the area would help clear debris and restore public transportation.

State of damage

Darren Calabrese /The Canadian Press via AP

[original:Over 470,000 Canadians without power after Fiona hit the county’s eastern Atlantic provinces: ‘It’s shocking the damage that we’re seeing’

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