Mormons under the magnifying glass of reality TV

After versions in New York, Atlanta or Miami, the American channel Bravo has just launched a new version of its reality TV show The Real Housewives in Salt Lake City, Utah. With Mormonism as a backdrop, the result surprises as much as it makes us think about the condition of women in this religion, explains the Los Angeles Times.

In its latest version, the reality show The Real Housewives [“Les Vraies Femmes au foyer”, qui met en scène depuis 2006 de riches Américaines désœuvrées, dans différentes villes des États-Unis] continues to honor women with disproportionate personalities. The boss of a tequila brand who goes to pick up the family dinner at Taco Bell in a Porsche. A blonde with a childish voice celebrating her wedding anniversary by doing a pole dance number. And a participant married to her grandfather by marriage.

Like their counterparts in Beverly Hills or Atlanta, the “real housewives” people in Salt Lake City love nothing more than tangles, the trappings of wealth, and regular visits to the plastic surgeon. But one thing sets them apart: the majority of them are – or have been – members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [dont les fidèles sont appelés “mormons”], a religious movement known for its conservative values ​​more than its intoxicated shouts.

A rich anthropological field

Salt Lake City is framed by snow-capped mountains, which allows all these lovers of the “après-ski” style to have fun – an asset not to be overlooked. The city, with its photogenic decor, is the epicenter of Mormonism and because this religion interferes in all facets of everyday life, it results in a rich anthropological ground, especially with regard to the lives of women who do not conform. not to the rules decreed by the Church. The show of course has its quota of futile altercations (a quarrel has already arisen when one of the women said that another “Stank of hospitality”), but religion is a central element of the twists and turns.

It goes without saying that “real housewives” of Salt Lake City are not exactly exemplary figures of Mormonism: Lisa Barlow abandoned Judaism for the Mormon faith, owns several brands of alcohol, and says herself “Mormon 2.0” because it does not strictly apply religious precepts. Jen Shah left the Church when she learned black people had been excluded for a long time, then she converted


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