Movie theater in the forest; Comments that beat the viral troll

‘Cinema Theater in the Jungle’; Comments that beat the viral troll

Malayalis always show special enthusiasm to celebrate trolls. Now the ‘cinema theater in the forest’ troll is going viral on social media. Trolls are watching movies like regular ticketed giraffe balcony ticketed animals. The meme of Jagathy Sreekumar from the movie Puliwal Kalyanam is used in the troll. The troll appeared in the International Chalu Union.

After posting the troll, many people have come up with comments against the troll.

Many people are posting comments including animals like Arana who forgot the movie she came to see, the cat who scratched the seat because she didn’t like the movie, the mouse who sneaked in and watched the movie without getting a ticket.

There are people who comment interestingly about the snail that came out of the house to watch the movie a week ago, and about the animals that can’t watch the movie because they have an elephant.

Anyway, trolls and comments have gone viral on social media. This troll is a big hit in many other troll groups and movie groups.

Some people are commenting that the troll who made such a great troll also deserves a big round of applause. Jinu Baby is the troll behind the viral troll.

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