Murder on the northern highway: key video to clarify deaths in Toyota – Bogotá

The authorities are already clear about the route that the truck Toyotawith CIE-835 plates, was carried out in Bogotá during the night of August 18.

In video, which is revealed by Citytvis key in the investigation of the macabre murder of four people who were found baggedwith shots of grace and with signs of torture.

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The report delivered by the Sijín shows that the Toyota truck, in which the bodies were found, moved through the north of the city from approximately 10 in the morning and made a stop at 10:17 am in a drugstore. located at Carrera 58 No. 137A-30.

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At that point in the capital, the cameras of the commercial establishment cthey captured an unidentified woman when he got in and out of the truck after buying some medicine.

After this, at 10:20 in the morning, surveillance dome 3430 located on Carrera 58 with 138 captured the vehicle as it passed at high speed on a northbound trajectory.

Ten minutes later, when it was 10:30 am, the truck was registered in the cameras of the North Highway with 222nd Street, and at 10:40 it passed through the Los Andes toll to leave the city.

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The report of the investigative entity says that at the time of the discovery, at 8:20 at night, the bodies had already been dead for about six hours, which could indicate that the murder did not take place within the city and that the person responsible for the events committed the macabre homicide somewhere near the capital, entered through the same toll and He abandoned the van on 222nd Street and North Highway.

About the victims it is known that they were three men and one woman.

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EL TIEMPO exclusively established that one of the dead is Juan Carlos Useche former police patrolman, who was deprived of liberty in La Picota for conspiracy to commit a crime.

His ex-partner said that he worked as a moneylender and with a group in San Andresito de San José. In addition, he would be the current owner of the truck, which belonged a few years ago to businessman Carlos Mauricio Navarro Durán, son of María Stella Navarro de Durán, the so-called queen of ‘telemarketing’.

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This Saturday, the mayor of Bogotá, claudia lopezmeets with the Police to find out in detail how the investigations into the crime are going, of which an alleged settling of accounts is hypothesized.


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