Nadia Nadim: From Refugee to Super Football Doctor – Inspiring Story of Determination and Success

2023-09-08 22:34:00

Even though people cannot choose where they are born. But if there is enough determination We can create our own lives. Like “Nadia Nadim” who changed her life from being a refugee with terrible suffering to becoming a “super football doctor”. Giving enormous inspiration to the world By adhering to the motto in life, I have only one goal. is to be one in everything that is done

The life path of “Nadia” is not ordinary at all. It started with a childhood nightmare. When forced to migrate from their home country of Afghanistan Until she fought hard and was willing to do anything to change her status from being a refugee. Until becoming an international star female footballer Who has passed the field nearly a hundred times and scored more than 200 goals as the golden striker for the Danish national team.

“Nadia” was born in Herat. Afghanistan, when she was 11 years old, her father, a military general, was brutally murdered by Taliban members. Her mother took her five daughters and fled to Pakistan. using a fake passport and continued on to Italy by truck. To head to London, England because there are relatives living there. But fate played a trick on her family. Because instead of opening my eyes I saw Big Ben clock tower Instead, they found themselves on Danish soil.

She told her own sad history through the book “NADIA NADIM : MON HISTOIRE” that she was born on January 2, 1988 in Herat. Afghanistan, living happily with his father who is a soldier in the army, his mother and 4 older sisters. Until there was chaos at the hands of the Taliban group, “Nadia” at the age of 11 was heartbroken when she learned the bad news that Her father was brutally murdered by the Taliban.

“We must escape. Because at that time, nowhere in Afghanistan was safe for six women like us.”

Just as described above. Instead, a truck brought them to London. The driver abandoned them in the middle of the Danish forest, but Nadia is grateful for her fate. and the family returned to a new and peaceful life again

With determination to be number one, “Nadia” chose to play football. She began her career playing for the B52 team in Aalborg. before moving to gain experience in several other teams Along with representing the Danish national team since 2009, she has competed in more than 100 football matches, scoring more than 200 goals, until being praised as one of the most influential female footballers in the world. Currently, “Nadia” plays. Professional soccer for Racing Louisville FC in the United States Women’s National Soccer League. He also represents Manchester City. and French football club Paris Saint-Germain. Lead the team to win the league as well.

Not only outstanding in football, “Nadia” also shows that no obstacle can stop her path. She fought through distance learning and earned a medical degree from Denmark’s top university, Aarhus University, paving the way for her to become a full-time surgeon after retiring from football. From now on I have to call you that. “Doctor Nadia”

Because I have been through a lot of hardships in my life. And having to move around, “Nadia” is more adaptable and stronger than other women her age. She has an incredible talent for languages. Can speak at least 9 languages ​​including Danish, English, German, French, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Urdu and his native Dari. This talent allows him to communicate well with his teammates. It is no wonder why “Nadia Nadim” inspires people of all genders and ages.

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