Napa unveils ‘Ocean Project’ pictorial with marine environment conservation message

Ocean Project pictorial. ⓒNepa

Napa announced on the 14th that it had released the ‘Ocean Project’ pictorial as part of the Green Mind campaign for the full-fledged vacation season.

Nepa’s Green Mind campaign delivers an eco-friendly message through the Green Mind Collection and Ice Cold series, followed by the Ocean Project Collection.

Ocean Project is a functional product with a design reminiscent of the cool summer sea, as well as quicker moisture absorption and drying compared to general products, making it comfortable and light to wear. In particular, T-shirts use eco-friendly yarns recycled from plastics collected from the sea to reduce energy, water consumption, and carbon emissions from the production process compared to general poly.

The product will be presented in graphic designs with two themes: ‘Adventure’ with a summer beach motif and ‘Surf Life’ with a surfing motif. You can find a variety of products that can be worn comfortably on the beach, from short sleeve rounds to sleeveless shorts and shorts.

The main product, the ‘Adventure Short Sleeve Round Tee’, is a product with a graphic design of the beach mood, and it is excellent in moisture absorption and quick-drying using polyester material. .

An official from Napa said, “The Ocean Project Collection is a product that not only designs but also improves functional comfort so that it can be worn cool in summer.” said.

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