Natalia Salas thought about death when she found out about her cancer: “She started crying and told me ‘I don’t want to die,’” says her husband Sergio Coloma | Magaly Tv La Firme | entertainment | SHOWS

Natalia Salas and her husband, Sergio Colomawere presented this Friday in the program of Magaly Medina and gave details of how they are going through the actress’s fight against breast cancer. “It would be lying to you to say that it is easy”said the artist’s partner.

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In this sense, he revealed that Natalia received the news of her cancer when she was bathing. “The word death never crossed my mind, she did. She got out of the shower and started crying and told me ‘I don’t want to die’, I told her ‘you’re not going to die’”, Sergio narrated.

The actress took the story with humor and assured that she would die one day, but she did not want to lose her life at this time. “I am an artist and I am very dramatic, he is my grounding, he told me ‘you have to go step by step’”said Natalia Salas in conversation with the magpie.

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Likewise, she said that she has never consoled her husband, but rather he has been her support. “I have cried alone and with her, but the day she entered the operation, I was about to collapse but I saw her mother crying and I pulled myself together. Then I went to a corner and started crying.revealed Sergio Coloma.

Sergio Coloma, husband of Natalia Salas, revealed how they received the news of the actress’s cancer for Magaly Tv La Firme.


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