Nationwide high school rugby, final on 7th Hotoku Gakuen and Higashi Fukuoka play | | National news

Hotoku Gakuen vs Higashi Fukuoka

Hotoku Gakuen’s manager (from left) Saijo, captain Ueura and others at a press conference in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture (representative photo) on the 6th.

The final of the national high school rugby tournament will be held at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, where Hotoku Gakuen, who are aiming for the first victory as a Hyogo prefecture team, and Higashi Fukuoka, who are aiming for the seventh victory after six tournaments, will play against each other.

6 days each adjustment. Hotoku Gakuen moved their bodies to check coordination, and Saijo said, “I want to play Hotoku-style rugby. I hope we can compete physically.”

Higashi Fukuoka sweated lightly by playing assuming the final. Manager Fujita drew a blueprint, saying, “If you can slow down the opponent’s attack even a little by hitting it with your body, you can win.”

In the selection tournament in March last year, Hotoku Gakuen won by default because Higashi Fukuoka, who had an opponent who tested positive for the new coronavirus, declined to participate in the final.

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