Kobe tops the list with 3 straight wins at the opening J1, Nagoya’s first loss | | National news

J1, Nagoya’s first loss 2023/03/04 18:04 Kobe-G Osaka In the second half, Kobe Sakai-Noesta scored the second goal of the match. On the final day of the 3rd section of Meiji Yasuda J1 (4th, Noevir Stadium Kobe, etc. = 8 games), Kobe beat Gamba Osaka 4-0 with Sakai’s two goals and Osako’s goal, and took … Read more

Australia, large-scale search for missing radioactive material Bean-sized capsule found for the first time in a week | | National news

Bean grain large capsule, discovered for the first time in a week 2023/02/01 19:14 Image of capsule identical to the one lost (left) (Reuters/Kyodo) [Sydney Kyodo]In Western Australia, a pea-sized capsule containing radioactive material disappeared from a running truck, and there was a commotion about 1,400 kilometers of roads being searched. Authorities found the capsule … Read more

Saudi businessman wins special ticket bid for Ronald and Messi match | | National news

Saudi businessman wins special ticket bid 2023/01/19 01:38 Ronald of Al-Nasr training in Riyadh on March 3 (Reuters = Kyodo) A Saudi Arabian businessman won a bid of $2.66 million (approximately 340 million yen) for a special ticket for a friendly match between Portuguese forward Ronald and Argentinian forward Messi. The match will be held … Read more

Public recruitment of city employees for hometown tax payment Annual income of 10 million yen, Mie / Yokkaichi | | National news

Annual income 10 million yen, Mie/Yokkaichi 2023/01/17 16:26 Major return gifts from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture through Furusato Nozei (from the city’s website) The city of Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture has started soliciting fixed-term staff members who will work on the development of attractive gift items in order to increase donations through hometown tax donations … Read more

Nationwide high school rugby, final on 7th Hotoku Gakuen and Higashi Fukuoka play | | National news

Hotoku Gakuen vs Higashi Fukuoka 2023/01/06 16:27 Hotoku Gakuen’s manager (from left) Saijo, captain Ueura and others at a press conference in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture (representative photo) on the 6th. The final of the national high school rugby tournament will be held at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, where Hotoku Gakuen, who … Read more

Gran Turismo: the cult PlayStation saga is 25 years old, a special video to celebrate this anniversary

Monument of realistic racing games, Grand Touring marked several generations of followers of the genre. Today’s fans have fun with Gran Turismo 7 (available from €44.99 on Amazon.fr), regularly updated by Polyphony Digitaltitle whose quality comes from 25 years of experience from the Japanese studio. Grand Touring first of the name was indeed celebrating this … Read more