Near the Poltavaoblenergo building, a woman from Kremenchug was bitten by a dog

According to the victim, the hospital advised her to go look for the animal on her own

Today, February 3, around 5:00 p.m., a woman from Kremenchug was bitten by a dog near the entrance to Poltavaoblenergo, which is not far from the Troitska stop. Lisa told “Kremenchutskyi Telegraf” that she was just walking past the animal.

— The dog was lying down when I passed by, he pounced on me. I panicked, I didn’t understand what had happened. I immediately went to the hospital, says the girl.

Lisa explained the situation to the doctors at the “Kremenchutsk” intensive care hospital, for which, according to her, she was advised to go and look for the dog on her own.

– They tell me, why did you tear your pants? Although I immediately reported that I was bitten by a dog. They treated my leg and told me to go and find a dog tomorrow. I have to watch the dog for 15 days to keep it alive, says Lisa.

According to doctors, if it is not possible to find the animal, the victim will have to undergo long-term treatment, which has many contraindications.

– Suddenly she will attack someone again tomorrow. The dog is small, black and white in color. He went through the gate to the territory of Poltavaoblenergo, maybe he lives there, – says the girl.

In the near future, Lisa plans to contact the utility company “Spetsservice-Kremenchuk” for help in establishing the whereabouts of the animal.

We will remind that on January 28, a rabid dog bit a woman in Dmytrivka, and on January 20, a rabid dog bit people in Gadyach until it was shot by the police.

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