Nearly 900,000 passengers passed through Noi Bai airport during the Lunar New Year holiday | Traffic

During peak days Lunar New Year of the Rabbit 2023Noi Bai International Airport has had thousands of flights with nearly 900,000 passengers passing through this largest airport in the North.

According to statistics of Noi Bai International Airport, from December 28 in the year of the Tiger (January 19) to January 8 of the year of the Rabbit (January 29), the volume of takeoff and landing at Noi Bai Airport reached 5,618 trips (an increase of 49% compared to the same period of the Lunar New Year). Of which, there were 1,789 international flights and 3,829 domestic flights.

Passenger volume at Port air Noi Bai international arrivals reached nearly 900,000 visitors (an increase of 71% over the same period of the Lunar New Year), including 246,000 international visitors, 654,000 domestic visitors (up 26.5% over the same period).

During the service occasion before, during and after the Lunar New Year, the highest day to date, the volume of take-off and landing reached 550 flights (January 18, ie 27 December of the Year of the Tiger with 181 flights). international flights and 369 domestic flights); The highest daily passenger volume reached 95,000 passengers (January 29, the 8th of the Lunar New Year, with 27,400 international arrivals, nearly 67,700 domestic arrivals).

“Transport volume during the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit in 2023 has not yet surpassed previous peaks such as domestic arrivals reaching more than 80% compared to the peak of Summer 2022; New international arrivals reached about 70-75% compared to the peak before the COVID-19 epidemic in 2019,” the leader of Noi Bai International Airport assessed.

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Recognizing the large number of passengers, but from the apron, traffic lanes to the airport check-in areas, there was no congestion, the leader of Noi Bai Airport said that passengers followed the instructions. of the functional forces. In particular, many passengers are familiar with check-in procedures by phone, web check-in or self-check-in at kiosks, so airline procedures are completed quickly…

Noi Bai International Airport proactively deploys peak service plans early, improving service spirit at all links in the chain to ensure flight operations; closely coordinate with airlines, ground service units to provide maximum support for passengers, especially large groups and last-minute guests, etc.

At the same time, Noi Bai International Airport has applied information technology to flight operations in order to calculate and build a forecast chart of passengers and flights according to peak hours in the year. days to calculate the number of security scanners and arrange suitable human resources; arrange check-in counters, boarding gates and baggage conveyor belts efficiently; prepare the number of trolleys, arrange appropriate personnel and equipment, ensure quick release of “bottlenecks.”

In addition, right before the peak period of the Lunar New Year this year, the port has completed and launched a smart application that provides useful flight information for passengers installed on personal phones, iNIA. This application contributes to supporting all departing and arriving passengers and their loved ones to be able to identify and promptly update accurate information about the location of check-in counters, conveyors, boarding gates, etc. Save time and move in time to the required locations.

“With all the options and efforts of the systems, to date, more than 5,600 flights and 900,000 passengers have passed. Noi Bai International Airport During the peak 11 days of the Lunar New Year, Quy Mao was served with absolute safety,” the airport leader affirmed.

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