Nelly Emile Finan

Her two sons, Johnny, his late wife Karen Bahout, and their children

Anthony, Natasha, Tamara and their families

Kamil Ghantous

Her two daughters, Maha, the wife of George Zard Abu Joudeh, and their children

Sarah, Tarek, Makram and their families

Suha, wife of Rudy Joseph and their children

Celine, Sandra Dertourossian and their families

Her siblings are the family of the late Dr. Elie Finan

The family of the late Edgar Finan (in exile)

The family of the late Henry Finan (in the Diaspora)

Samir Finan and his family (in the diaspora)

The families of Ghantous, Feinan, Habib, Zard Abu Joudeh, Joseph, Bahout, Gharghour and Kalis mourn their dear late deceased

Nelly Emile Finan

Widow of the late Tony Hanna Ghantous

baptized into the hope of resurrection at dawn on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, fulfilling her religious duties.

Condolences will be accepted today, Thursday, 18 of it, in the hall of the Church of St. Anthony of Padwani, Latin, Sin El Fil, Horsh Tabet, from eleven in the morning until six in the evening.

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