Netflix Premium Plan Adds Spatial Audio Support

Netflix announced the arrival of support to spatial audio, Developed in partnership with Sennheiser, for subscribers to its most expensive plan, Premium. This will bring a surround sound experience to movies and series without the need to have more than one pair of speakers, which can be speakers or headphones. According to the company, spatial audio is already available in more than 700 movie and series titles, including Stranger Things, Wednesday and Glass Onion.

Netflix’s Premium plan allows you to watch movies and series in 4K (Ultra HD) and HDR resolution. But now Netflix, according to the statement posted on the Sennheiser website, is adding more benefits for subscribers to this plan, in addition to the spatial audio mentioned above.

Netflix brings new benefits to its Premium plan

In addition to allowing the playback of movies in series with 4K (Ultra HD) and HDR resolution, Netflix’s Premium plan now supports up to 6 simultaneous transmissions, that is, it will be possible to watch on six different devices at the same time. But without a doubt, the main novelty announced was support for spatial audio.

You can access content that has spatial audio by typing “spatial audio” into the Netflix app’s search bar.

Launch, price and availability

Fortunately, the monthly fee will remain the same (R$ 55.90), even with the new additions to the Netflix Premium subscription. It is not yet known when spatial audio and simultaneous transmission support for up to 6 devices will be added in Brazil, but it is believed that this will happen soon.

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