Netflix series|”The Aristocratic Land of the World” Season 2 Mountain P’s explosive muscle build-up

Shan P has quite a lot of fans in Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. This explosive muscle must make them super satisfied.

The second season of the manga-adapted series “Arisu of the Land of the World” will be released on Netflix. The official release of the latest stills today includes new actors, such as Tomohisa Yamashita (Yama P) who plays Kinji Kuma and Sato who plays Kotoko Shiga Homi, and Yuri Tsunematsu of Akane Koya. Shan P, an important role in the play and the game manager “Plum Blossom K”, shows off his muscles and is very eye-catching, making female fans look forward to the second season of “Today”.

“Now” Yuri Tsunematsu, the second season actor.

Start collecting head cards

The game difficulty of “Today” is determined by the number of game cards, and the color of the game cards represents the type of game. In the finale of the first season, you can see the head card JQK. The protagonists also arrived at the game headquarters, but the scene was full of corpses. After that, the image of Ghana’s future appeared, which represented the official start of the second stage of the head card collection game. The second season of “Today” will be released on December 22.

“Now” Season 2: Tao Tsuchiya and Kento Yamazaki.

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