New Methods of Bank Fraud: Tips to Protect Your Money

2023-12-12 21:04:30

Al-Marsad newspaper: Technician Abdullah Al-Sabaa warned in a video clip that fraudsters are using new methods to steal users’ money from banks without obtaining bank cards.

Al-Sabaa said: Fraudsters have changed their methods of fraud and now they are targeting users in new ways.

He continued: In the beginning, most of the fraudsters ask you for your ATM card numbers, but when they saw that people became aware and did not share their ATM cards with anyone, they resorted to different methods.

He continued: One of the new methods is that he tries to extract a replacement number for the lost number on your number. In the beginning, he contacts you as a bank employee or an employee of an official agency, and tells you to log in and give me the code that came on your phone.

He continued: As soon as you hear from him, log in and give me the code. I know that you are currently being subjected to a scam.

He continued: Therefore, do not interact with fraudsters, even if they contact you and tell you that you will have to stop services or other things, because they are most likely trying to steal your money in the banks in different ways.

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