[News]Ultraman, the father of ChatGPT, is back! Open AI announces hiring him back as CEO

2023-11-22 06:29:23

Ultraman, the father of ChatGPT, is back! Open AI announced that it would hire him back as CEO. (Reproduced from X platform)

Open AI staged a big battle last weekend. Sam Altman, the original CEO and the father of ChatGPT, was suddenly dismissed by the board of directors on the 17th of this month. Subsequently, there was a huge uproar within the company and shook the AI ​​technology industry. The latest news now points out that Open AI has announced the hiring of Altman again, bringing him back to the position of CEO.

Open AI released a message earlier stating that it had reached a consensus with Ultraman and would return him as CEO. Altman later confirmed the matter on the He stressed that in addition to building a stronger team, he would also continue to cooperate with Microsoft.

A few days ago, it was reported that the Open AI board of directors dismissed Ultraman in a flash, which has made the sponsor Microsoft quite dissatisfied. Open AI’s internal employees were also dumbfounded by this decision, and even sent a letter calling on the company’s board of directors to resign. This not only questioned the board’s ability, but also It said the board of directors had undermined the company’s operations and demanded Altman’s reinstatement. It is even reported that more than half of the employees have made up their minds to leave Open AI with Ultraman.

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