Next-gen iPad Pro rumored to include MagSafe wireless charging and ‘new chip’

iPad Pro

according to 9to5Mac sources say, Apple is indeed preparing to add wireless charging to the next-generation iPad Pro tablet, but it is slightly different from some rumors heard before. It is said that it will not use an all-glass backplane like the latest iPhone, but the backplane is still metal, but the part of the Apple logo in the middle will be enlarged, and it is made of glass, so that electromagnetic waves can penetrate the backplane for charging . In addition to charging faster than the iPhone, the iPad Pro may also use stronger magnets to ensure the charger sticks to the right spot.

In addition to the wireless charging part, the source also said that the new iPad Pro will have a larger battery and an iPhone 13-style camera array. At the same time, the new iPad Pro will have a “brand new chip,” presumably the M2 shared with the future MacBook Air. Previous rumors have shown that the M2 will use a 4nm process, which allows the M2 to have the same 8 cores as the M1, but it can have higher frequencies and more display cores.

What the source can’t tell us is when the new product will be launched. Compared to the iPhone, which is basically released in the fall, the iPad’s release schedule is much more random. However, the recent two generations of iPad Pros were released in the spring, so there should be a lot of opportunities to continue. In this way, it may not take two or three months to see the debut of the new iPad Pro.

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