Nicolas, her boyfriend, immediately went to the scene of the tragedy, “when I saw the car, I had no more hope”

Nicolas Geniets, the boyfriend of Chayenne Van Aarle, who was the victim of a serious road accident on Tuesday afternoon, gave news of the latter to our colleagues from HLN. “When I saw the car, I had no more hope,” he said.

“Half an hour earlier, we were still laughing. But suddenly my phone rang and my heart stopped,” says Nicolas, who immediately went to the scene of the accident when he heard the news.

Nicolas was only able to breathe when he received a message from Chayenne, while he was in the hospital waiting room. “I’m awake,” she wrote to him. “She was very lucky. We can call it a miracle, ”testifies Nicolas, after having paid a short visit to his darling in his room.

He explains that Chayenne was at home before the tragedy took place: “We had lunch at my place, then she went back home”. Twenty minutes later, Nicolas received a call from a “Dutch driver”. “I don’t know how he got my number. He said to me: ‘We have a serious accident here on the E17, sir. And he asked me if I could come immediately. Then I called my sister and picked her up. She’s an emergency doctor and I wanted her to join me. We crossed the hard shoulder to the site of the accident”, says Nicolas.

“I lost all hope”

Seeing the car is a shock for Nicolas, who thought that Chayenne “would never make it out alive”. “Fortunately, the car was sturdy, but still. I lost all hope for a while,” explains the 40-year-old.

The stress lasted a long time for Nicolas, who saw the doctors fidgeting. “I heard them say that Chayenne needed urgent medical attention. When she got out of the vehicle, she was unconscious,” explains Nicolas. “Everything was looking very bad. The doctors could not provide us with any information at that time,” he adds.

Nicolas then gave more details on Chayenne’s condition and his injuries. “At the moment, his condition is stable. She has serious facial injuries and her eye socket has been badly affected. A plastic surgeon will pass for this. As she was wearing her seatbelt, she only has cuts and a lot of glass in her body,” says Nicolas.

“His parents are going to visit him too. We are all very shocked. Saturday, it will be well and truly without her. But that’s not important at all. She’s going to get out of it, and that’s the most important thing now,” concludes Nicolas, still shocked.

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