Nintendo libera 1º gameplay extenso de The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There is just over a month left for the new great game of The Legend of Zelda franchise to arrive on Nintendo Switch. With that, the Japanese developer took the opportunity to release the first video with a more extensive gameplay of Tears of the Kingdom, with 13 minutes in all showing Link’s new abilities.

A sequência de Breath of the Wild arrives on may 12 with a little of the refinement that Eiji Aonuma, the game’s producer, promised in March 2022, when justifying the launch delay, scheduled for that year. A highlight is the “fuse” ability, with which the character can, in the fashion of popular crafting systems, pick up common items to create weapons and other items. An interesting addition to the finite durability weapon system — which follows in the new game.

The look, very similar to Breath of the Wild, is still reflected in a vast world, with flying islands, which seems to be very wide. The “ultrahand” skill that focuses on building items such as vehicles such as boats and flying contraptions from scrap metal.

To demonstrate how Link can reach one of the sky islands, Aonuma used another ability from Link’s new arsenal, “recall”, which seems to allow you to rewind time to a certain object. The producer also hinted that there are other ways for Link to reach the flying islands. The “ascend” skill also allows you to escape, for example, from caves and other remote places with ease.

And you, what did you think of what was shown in the video? Are you looking forward to the launch?

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