No matter how angry they are, they still eat together

Since then, he stopped gambling habit.

I remember, there was a time when he was busy with farming, she called him all the time and he didn’t listen. She had to go to the place to call him in. She didn’t talk to him for days. But just a few days, the two were happy as if nothing happened. He said: “In life, Grandpa and Grandma, when they are not satisfied, they also quarrel, but no one cares for long. Grandparents always try to live a kind life to set an example for their children and grandchildren, not to bring fame to the family and neighbors.

He was 2 years younger than her, she always did great things, pretending to yell at him: “I’ll do it for you, whatever you do, you have to yield to me”. Then she smiled gently and looked at him and smiled gently.

Grandparents are over 80 years old but still healthy. Only once, he was hospitalized for a whole week. She was worried that he would have trouble eating at the hospital, so she cooked rice and porridge and asked her daughter-in-law near home to bring it to him. After being discharged from the hospital, he volunteered to do housework again.

Despite their age, grandparents still take each other out

In his spare days, he takes her to visit relatives and neighbors, sometimes takes her to the market far away. When it was time to plant rice, two grandparents, one after another, took the mile of rice to the field. Around the garden, grandparents manually grow potatoes, noodles, vegetables to supplement the family’s meals. Although the children regularly send money every month, the grandparents still work. She said: “The money my children and grandchildren send, I save it for when I’m sick. And now, still healthy, work and eat, make old age fun.”

The lifestyle of grandparents also helps me to receive positive energy from the elderly. At the age of 83, grandparents are still healthy enough to visit their children and grandchildren in Dak Lak, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. She still has the strength to cook for her children and grandchildren when they are busy with work.

Just like that, the family is always warm and happy. She is a loving mother-in-law to her daughters-in-law. For her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she is always tolerant. Last year, my aunt died in Dak Nong, but brought her home for burial. After taking care of the job, the two grandparents wrapped up with their uncle and two young children to Dak Nong. Grandparents are always hand in hand to go together.

She confided: “The husband and wife have been together for decades. I don’t want anything more, I just want to live happily with my children and grandchildren and enjoy old age.”

Van Trinh

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