Novak Djokovic beats Daniil Medvedev in a spectacular battle

There was nothing at stake, but the match between Novak Djokovic y Daniil Medvedev It was one of those matches that any fan would like. Nole faced the duel without pressure knowing that he was already first in the group, while Medvedev did it with the intention of not leaving the ATP Finals as the only player without wins. However, the match would end up being a tremendous physical battle that would be decided in the final set tiebreak after more than three hours.

It didn’t take long for Djokovic to show that he was going to face the game with total seriousness and with the intention of taking it on the fast track. The Serbian kept his serving turns with hardly any difficulties and pressed on every serve from Medvedev. Seeing the tone of the match, the feeling it gave was that sooner or later the Serb’s break would come, who had the first chance in the sixth game of the set. That was where Medvedev was saved, who was also close to breaking up in the next game. However, after that little scare, Djokovic went direct and managed to break Medvedev’s serve and serve to score the first set. 6-3 and Nole went straight for a new victory.

He would not lose faith in the match Medvedev, who even without having his best, his best day, would try to put him in more trouble for this set. At this moment the only argument he found for the Russian to stay alive in the game was his service. Daniil clung to him to stay alive since the rest did not worry Djokovic at all. This is how the game took hold until it was 5-4 on the scoreboard, the Russian had saved several compromising situations and was preparing to subtract to take the set.

There the current number five in the world ready for up to three set points, the first was saved by Djokovic with a serve and volley, something that has been doing a lot of damage to the Muscovite in recent weeks, the second was also saved by Nole thanks to a Direct kick while the third lifted it with a right cross after an eternal exchange, signing what is possibly the point of the week.

Despite the fact that Djokovic had disturbed in most of Medvedev’s service turns he was not able to avoid the tiebreak. Nole started with a minibreak but Daniil would not take long to return it. In fact, the Russian got another mini-break and went as far as 5-2 up. Djokovic would react, reaching 5-5 on the scoreboard, but the Russian continued to believe and ended up taking the sleeve.


After losing the set, Nole appeared to be physically exhausted. The Serbian was physically on the limit and his performance in the final set ended up confirming what we all assumed. Djokovic sought to shorten the points as much as possible while Medvedev, who had realized the suffering of his rival, sought not to miss a single ball to force him to make mistakes. Now it was the winner of 21 ‘majors’ who survived on the basis of great services and uploads to the network.

The match went on with both strong on serve until the ninth game of the third set arrived, which was the longest of the match, with Djokovic giving up everything to compete for a match that did not change his course at all in these ATP Finals. Finally, Medvedev managed to break his serve and get ready to serve for the match, but the Serb would not give up easily, as he managed to return the break in a new demonstration that he wanted full victories.

After the break, Nole drew strength from where there was none, kept his serve after going 0-30 and got ready to subtract to take the game, something he was close to doing but Medvedev finally managed to reach the decisive tiebreak. In that tiebreaker, Djokovic brought out the best of himself, without making mistakes and despairing of a Medvedev who saw how a game was slipping away from him again in the final tiebreak, since he has thus lost all three games of this tournament. The tiebreak would end 7-2 and thus put an end to what has been the best match of the tournament to date.

An incredible display of suffering and grit that Nole has shown in this duel and that makes him the only player who has not yet known defeat in this tournament. Now in the semifinals they will face Taylor Fritz, who will arrive at the match much more rested.

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